Magazine: 2008 Education Review: Issues in Teaching and Learning

For a growing number of college students, a year abroad offers lessons they could never get in a classroom.

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The School That Chocolate Built
A Pa. school for disadvantaged kids is Milton Hershey's legacy.
A Rich Education
Photo Gallery: See images of the school and its students.
High Living
In Holland

A young hedonist learns a few lessons despite himself.
Foot Loose
In Chile

Burying a shoe at the end of the world.
India's Color Connection
An African American learns shame is skin deep.
Giving Gifts in Senegal
He wonders what he really has to offer.
Cheerful But Poor in the Philippines
The meanings of privilege and deprivation.
In Italy, the Nature of Patriotism
Traveling helps her find true love for home.
Exploring Identity in Scotland
Being a hyphenated American hadn't meant much until now.
In London, a Blast From the Past
A terrorist explosion barely pierces his armor of naivete.
Bathroom Words in Malaysia
A cultural miscue leads to an awkward and unspeakable mistake.

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