Travel Log

Welcome to the Travel Log, The Washington Post's new travel blog. (Motto: "We Fly So You Don't Have To.") Every day, the eternally jetlagged editors and staff writers of The Post Travel section will report on destination news and notes, consumer outrages, success stories and late-breaking travel developments. Plus, here's where we plan to dump all those frequently hilarious, sometimes bitter and always revealing behind-the-scenes travel anecdotes that we come back with from our trips, but which for one reason or another don't always make it into the newspaper.

But we can't do it all ourselves. We hope you'll be our eyes and ears out there, whether you've just discovered the world's coolest dive bar, snuck an extra ounce of hair gel through security or found an airline that actually has clean pillows. We encourage you to share your travel tales -- good and bad -- with us and our readers. If nothing else, we can all whine together.

Here's your Travel section Flight Crew:

K.C. Summers

Travel Editor K.C. Summers hates festivals, hot-air balloons, camping and casinos, but she's never met a sidewalk cafe, used-book shop, quirky museum, flea market, hole-in-the-wall pizza joint or post-theater bistro she didn't like. Her mission in life is to rid the world's travel stories of all "hidden gems," "breathtaking vistas" and "tropical paradises."

John Diener

Deputy Travel Editor and Escapes Editor John Deiner digs penny slots, beaches, cruising, Disney World, the state of New Jersey, islands that begin with the letter M and long road trips. He can speak one language fluently and has just enough adventure left in him to be interesting.

Cindy Loose

As a child, travel writer Cindy Loose could have traveled by train anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for free because her father was a railroad engineer. But whenever she'd suggest a family trip he'd growl, "That's like asking a mailman to take a walk on his vacation." At age 18, she rebelled and hit the road on her own and has no plans to stop.

Andrea Sachs

Contributing writer Andrea Sachs has gone diving with sharks and SpongeBob SquarePants and still can't decide which was scarier. Also known as Turbo Girl, she will go-go-go until she is stopped at the border by a gun-wielding guard (Thailand-Burma) or needs to do a load of laundry.

Carol Sottili

Deals maven Carol Sottili, aka "Our Fare Lady," has turned pale and squinty-eyed from spending too many hours working the computer, the phones and a calculator in search of true travel bargains. When she manages to wrest her fingers from the keyboard, Carol concentrates her research skills on birding and skiing venues throughout the world, and on the bars, restaurants and roller coasters of Ocean City, Md.

Christina Talcott

Editorial Asisistant Christina Talcott gets weak in the knees over maps, public transportation, mountain getaways and cheese. She thinks rental cars should look "lived-in," every vacation needs one good cry and it always pays to bring a swimsuit just in case.

Scott Vogel

Ever since barfing into the Seine while trying to mimic Hemingway's pipe smoking circa "A Moveable Feast," travel writer Scott Vogel has had fun using vacations to unsuccessfully reinvent himself. Accordingly, he longs for tramp steamers, riding the rails and a world where people can still travel anonymously.

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