Correction to This Chart
Because of an error in the information used to compile this chart, the Justice Department's 2005 grade was listed as an F instead of a D. The chart below has been corrected.

Federal Computer Security Grades, 2001-2005

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Agency 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Department of Agriculture F F F F F
Agency for International Development A+ A+ C- F F
Department of Commerce D+ F C- D+ F
Department of Defense F D D F F
Department of Education C- C C+ D F
Department of Energy F F F F F
Environmental Protection Agency A+ B C D- D+
General Services Administration A- C+ D D D
Department of Health and Human Services F F F D- F
Department of Homeland Security* F F F
Department of Housing and Urban Development D+ F F F D
Department of the Interior F C+ F F F
Department of Justice D B- F F F
Department of Labor A+ B- B C+ F
National Aeronautics and Space Administration B- D- D- D+ C-
Nuclear Regulatory Commission D- B+ A C F
National Science Foundation A C+ A- D- B+
Office of Personnel Management A+ C- D- F F
Small Business Administration C+ D- C- F F
Social Security Administration A+ B B+ B- C+
Department of State F D+ F F D+
Department of Transportation C- A- D+ F F
Department of the Treasury D- D+ D F F
Department of Veterans Affairs F F C F F
All Agencies D+ D+ D F F

*The Homeland Security Department was formed in 2002.
Source: Report prepared by House Government Reform Committee.

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