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April 2005 Selection
"The Retirement Catch-Up Guide: 54 Real-Life Lessons to Boost Your Future Resources Now!"
By Ellen Hoffman (Newmarket Press, $22.95)
This book offers "real-life examples of people who were able to play retirement catch-up."

The Color of Money Column: Retirement Savings By the Book

March 2005 Selection
"The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life"
By Jan Cullinane and Cathy Fitzgerald (Rodale, $19.95)
If you're a new retiree or among the soon-to-be retired, this book discusses issues you may need to consider.

The Color of Money Column: Retirement's Instruction Manual
Transcript: Michelle Singletary and Jan Cullinane answered reader questions.

February 2005 Selection
"Love & Money: A Life Guide for Financial Success"
By Jeff D. Opdyke (John Wiley & Sons)
How can couples stop fighting and fix their money problems?

The Color of Money Column: Love and Money, Hard to Uncouple
Transcript: Michelle Singletary and Jeff D. Opdyke answered reader questions on Feb. 16.

January 2005 Selection
"Quick & Easy Budget Kit"
By Jennifer Openshaw (Family Financial Network)
Openshaw, Michelle writes, "is on a mission to show people how to budget to financial success."

The Color of Money Column: No-Fuss Budgets
Transcript Michelle Singletary and Jennifer Openshaw answered reader questions on Jan. 19.

December 2004 Selection
"Pay It Down! From Debt to Wealth on $10 a Day"
By Jean Chatzky (Portfolio)
According to Michelle, Chatzky's "get-out-of-debt plan is simple: Find $10 a day out of your regular expenses, and you can pay down your debts in less time than you think."

The Color of Money Column: To Cut Debt, Consider the $10-a-Day Plan
Transcript: Michelle Singletary and Jean Chatzky were online on Dec. 15 to answer reader questions.

November 2004 Selection
"Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture"
By Juliet B. Schor
Schor outlines the numerous tactics that advertisers are using on our kids, many of have the potential to turn them into materialistic monsters.

The Color of Money Column: Material Girl And Boy
Transcript: Michelle Singletary and Juliet Schor were online on Dec. 1 to answer reader questions.

October 2004 Selection
There's no official selection this month. Instead, Michelle wrote in her Oct. 17 column: "I'm suggesting that instead of reading a book for the Color of Money book club this month, you pick up 'Homefile Financial Planning Organizer Kit' by J. Michael Martin and Mary E. Martin (Homefile Publishing, $24.95)."
The Color of Money Column: Frugality Is Next to Simplicity

September 2004 Selection
"Nothing's Too Small to Make a Difference"
by Wanda Urbanska and Frank Levering
The authors are part of a network of simplicity advocates who are trying to get all of us to slow down and lessen the environmental impact of our consumption-oriented lifestyle.

The Color of Money Column: Frugality Is Next to Simplicity

August 2004 Selection
"Dictionary of Financial Terms"
by Virginia B. Morris and Kenneth M. Morris
Using plain language and colorful illustrations to make dry material interesting, this is a dictionary for the average man or woman. It can also serve as a refresher for people who think they know it all (and they often don't).

The Color of Money Column: Useful Dictionary of Financial Terms Explains the ABCs of IRAs

July 2004 Selection
"Credit Scores & Credit Reports: How The System Really Works, What You Can Do"
by Evan Hendricks
Your credit determines the rate on your mortgage, car and credit cards. So how much do you know about the credit-reporting system?

The Color of Money Column: Unlocking the Mysteries Of Your Credit Score

June 2004 Selection
"Getting Through College Without Going Broke"
by Natavi Guides
A quick and easy read that covers some basic money-management issues all college students will face, perhaps for the first time.

The Color of Money Column: A Few Lessons Before Class Starts

May 2004 Selection
"Strategies for Smart Car Buyers"
by and Philip Reed
A workbook for negotiating the best price for a car that includes confessions of a car salesman.

The Color of Money Column: Understand How a Car Salesman Thinks

April 2004 Selection
"The Five People You Meet in Heaven"
By Mitch Albom
A book about learning to appreciate what our jobs allow us to do for our families and other people, even if our jobs are low-paying.

The Color of Money Column: A Job's Value Goes Beyond Pay

March 2004 Selection
"How to Care for Your Parents' Money While Caring for Your Parents: The Complete Guide to Managing Your Older Parents' Finances and Planning for Their Future"
By Sharon Burns and Raymond E. Forgue

The Color of Money Column: Parents' Finances Take Special Care

February 2004 Selection
"The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers & Fathers Are Going Broke"
by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi
Two researchers have found that millions of middle-income families are in deep financial trouble or only breaking even. They conclude that earning two incomes doesn't guarantee financial security

The Color of Money Column: Failing in Your Middle Class

January 2004 Selection
"The Way to Wealth"
by Benjamin Franklin
This book, first published in 1758, is a timeless collection of insight on money management.

The Color of Money Column: Pearls From Poor Richard

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