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Local Outlook
In his exclusive column, local economist Stephen S. Fuller further examines the local economy's performance.


0 The Post's Peter Behr and Professor Stephen S. Fuller of George Mason University take your questions and comments.

0 Read the beige book, a quarterly report on the U.S. economy; its chapter on the Richmond District includes the Washington area.

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Economic Forecast
The monthly forecast uses the leading-coincident indices and a composite of local economic factors, including wage and salary employment, airline passenger boardings and consumer confidence.

Other Economic Indicators
The following are individual economic indicators. On each page, you will find tables of data for each indicator, an explanation of the indicator and its larger impact on the economy, and a graph of the indicator. On the employment figures page, you will also find a link to secondary information.

* Employment Figures
* Federal Contracts
* Per Capita Income
* Housing Starts

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Local Economy, Local Columnists
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Biz appears every Tuesday. It covers topical issues about regional industry.

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