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Some of the hyperlinked documents listed on this page are located on the Web sites of the Department of Justice and Microsoft Corp. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read some of these documents. For full case filings, visit the Web sites for the Department of Justice and Microsoft.

Microsoft's Press Pass site contains daily courtroom transcripts.

Government: Witnesses | Evidence
Microsoft: Witnesses | Evidence
Related Cases: Sun v Microsoft

Major Rulings
  • Conclusions of Law
    Issued Monday April 3, 2000.

  • Findings of Fact
    Issued Friday, Nov. 5, 1999.

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  • David Colburn, senior vice president for business affairs of America Online.
  • Gordon Eubanks, chief executive officer of software start-up company Oblix Inc.
  • Richard Schmalensee, dean of the Sloan School of Management at the MIT.


  • Robert Muglia, the senior vice president of the applications and tools group at Microsoft.
  • Joachim Kempin, the senior vice president of Microsoft's international OEM group and Internet customer unit.
  • Eric Engstrom, the general manager of MSN Internet access at Microsoft.
  • Daniel Rosen, the general manager of new technology at Microsoft.
  • John T. Rose, senior vice president and group general manager of Compaq's enterprise computing group.
  • Brad Chase, the vice president of the personal and business systems division at Microsoft.
  • Cameron Myhrvold, the vice president of the internet customer unit at Microsoft.
  • Michael T. Devlin, president of Rational Software Corporation.
  • William Poole, Microsoft's senior director of business development and strategy for the personal and business systems group.
  • Dr. James Allchin, Microsoft's vice President of personal and business Systems.
  • Paul Maritz, Microsoft's group vice president of platforms and applications
  • Richard Schmalensee, dean of MIT's Sloan School of Management
    Pretrial Documents

  • The consent decree, complaints, responses, court decisions and other pretrial documents.

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  • Garry North, former director of software strategy at IBM.
  • Edward W. Felten, computer science professor at Princeton.
  • Franklin M. Fisher, economics professor at MIT.


  • MIT economics professor Franklin M. Fisher
  • Intuit president and CEO William H. Harris
  • Princeton computer science professor Edward W. Felten
  • Professor David J. Farber
  • Sun executive James A. Gosling
  • Economic expert Frederick Warren-Boulton
  • IBM executive John Soyring
  • President of Independent Software Glenn E. Weadock
  • Apple executive Avadis Tevanian, Jr.
  • America Online executive David Colburn
  • Netscape CEO James Barksdale


  • New: The full transcript of the August-September 1998 deposition of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was released on April 28, 1999.
  • August 27, 1998
  • Page One
  • Page Two
  • Page Three
  • Page Four
  • August 28, 1998, Part A
  • Page One
  • Page Two
  • Page Three
  • Page Four
  • August 28, 1998, Part B
  • Page One
  • Page Two
  • Page Three
  • Page Four
  • September 2, 1998
  • Page One
  • Page Two
  • Page Three
  • Page Four
  • Videotaped portions of the deposition were released during the trial. Here are transcripts of those portions.
  • First Release: Video Clips
  • First Release: Transcript Part I
  • Transcript Part II
  • Transcript Part III
  • Transcript Part IV
  • Second Release: Transcript
  • Third Release: Transcript
  • Fourth Release: Transcript
  • Fifth Release: Transcript
  • Sixth Release: Transcript
  • Seventh Release: Transcript
  • Eighth Release: Transcript

  • Government exhibits to corroborate Barksdale's testimony

  • Excerpts ("DOJ") of notes by Intel's Steven McGeady taken at Bill Gates presentation


  • Former Netscape Chairman Jim Clark's e-mail to Microsoft


  • Preliminary injunction order from the Microsoft-Sun Trial

  • Unsealed evidence from the Microsoft-Sun trial

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