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Bill Gates Deposition Video Clips
On Monday, November 2, the government released portions of a videotaped deposition of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates taken for the U.S. v. Microsoft antitrust trial.

The full text of the released portions is available.

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Video excerpts of the deposition are below. The RealPlayer plug-in is required to see these clips.

 Question: Did you send this e-mail?
Bill Gates: It appears I did.....
From Bill Gates Taped Deposition

Streaming RealVideoGates responds to questions about Netscape Communications.
Streaming RealVideoGates talks about Netscape Communications meeting
Streaming RealVideoGates answers questions about Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems.
Streaming RealVideoGates questioned about e-mail concerning Apple Computer.

Complete Video Depostion
Gates' taped deposition can be seen in its entirety at C-SPAN.

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