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  • Microsoft's Witnesses

  • Bill Gates
    (File Photo)
    Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO Co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation. Involved in key management, decisions and technical development of new products. The country's wealthiest person.

    Gates Similar to Early Century Magnate
    Taking a Hard Line on Software
    Bill Gates Proves a Hit on Videotape
    Microsoft Chief Deeply Stung by Charges, Associates Say

    (File Photo)
    Joel I. Klein, Assistant Attorney General
    Klein heads the Justice Department's antitrust division. Served a two-year stint in the White House where he handled Whitewater matters before departing for the Justice Department in 1995. Klein moved to Washington in 1973 shortly after he helped start Onek, Klein & Farr, a boutique firm specializing in complex litigation and appeals work.

    Klein Taking Firms to Court

    (File Photo)
    Thomas P. Jackson, Federal District Court Judge
    Jackson has been a judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia since 1982. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School. He was brought to the Microsoft case in August 1995. He also teaches at George Washington University Law Center.

    The Judge Has Microsoft in a Hard Place

    (File Photo)
    David Boies, Justice Deptartment's Lead Attorney
    Boies began with the department's antitrust division in 1997. Currently a partner in the firm of Boies & Schiller LLP, Boies has tried a number of cases for the Justice Department, including U.S. v. IBM, in which he defended IBM against the government's allegation of monopolization in the computer-systems business.

    The Thorn in Microsoft's Side

    (File Photo)
    Stephen D. Houck, Lawyer Representing 20 States Houck has been chief of the antitrust bureau of the New York State Attorney General's Office since 1995. Prior to government service, he was an associate and partner at Donovan Leisure Newton & Irvine, specializing in antitrust and commercial litigation. He is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

    (File Photo)
    William H. Neukom, Microsoft Senior Vice President, Law and Corporate Affairs
    Prior to joining Microsoft in 1985, Neukom was a member of the firm Shidler, McBroom, Gates & Baldwin (now Preston Gates & Ellis). William Henry Gates Jr. (Bill Gates' father) was the firm's managing partner. Neukom is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Stanford University.

    (File Photo)
    John Warden, Microsoft's Lead Attorney
    Warden is a veteran of the firm Sullivan & Cromwell and made a name for himself when he defended Eastman Kodak in a precedent-setting private antitrust suit in 1979. Warden is a graduate of Harvard and University of Virginia Law School.

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