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Managing Your Money:
Buying a Car

Don't Get Run Over by Auto Insurance
A WashingtonPost.com feature. Learn about your insurance policy and how to get discounts on your premiums. Also, find out which cars are the safest and then comparison shop different rates. By Bill Frischling

Auto Information on the Web
Sources to help you pick the car that's right for you.

Turning Over a New Lease to Figure a Car's Real Cost
Don't get taken for a ride when leasing a car. By Albert B. Crenshaw.

Car Lease Disclosures
When you don't know your car's capitalized cost, the dealer can base your monthly payments on a higher price than you thought you were paying. By Jane Bryant Quinn.

Costly Car Loans for Subprime Buyers
The worse your credit, the more you'll pay for a car loan. By Jane Bryant Quinn.

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