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Managing Your Money:
Paying for College

New!Paying for College
Our exclusive, complete planning guide for college finance. Learn about financial aid, hunt for a scholarship, calculate your tuition costs, check for the best student loan rates and get advice from Post columnists.

A Brighter Outlook on College Tuition
The growth in tuition bills may be slowing. By Jane Bryant Quinn.

Trust is no Simple Matter
Parents should examine alternatives for setting up trusts to save for college. By Albert B. Crenshaw.

Helping the Grandchildren with Tuition
How to do it without hurting financial aid. By Jane Bryant Quinn.

How to Make the Payments After You Make the Grades
Tips on how to deal with that fateful day when you have to start repaying your student loans. By Albert B. Crenshaw.

Problems in Consolidating Student Loans
What to do if your private lender won't cooperate. By Jane Bryant Quinn.

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