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  •   Personal Space
    Paying Occasional Homage to Self-expression in the Workplace

    Do you have a cool workspace? We'd love to see it and perhaps feature it in an upcoming TechThursday issue. Send e-mail nominations to:

    This is an IPIX photobubble. Click and drag within the image to look around. Zoom by moving the cursor to the center of the image and dragging up or down. Your browser must be java-capable to view image.

    Toys -- basketball hoops, Nerf balls, Slinkys, air hockey tables and the like -- are now a familiar part of most tech companies' decor.

    But at Web services firm Proxicom Inc. in Reston, some of the toys have taken on a bit more importance.

    A small round table covered with multicolored Legos has become a popular site for meetings and a magnet to passersby who stop briefly to build something and then move on.

    A recent visit found Proxicom employees Mike Wagner and Viji Vaidyanathan at the table, which sits in the midst of a maze of cubicles. As the software engineers brainstormed, they also built together. In Proxicom's corporate culture, it's all part of the creative process.

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