In order to upload an image to a user photo gallery, please follow these steps:

  1. Find a user photo gallery to which you want to upload photos. Many are listed here.
  2. Go to the submit form on the gallery you've chosen. It's usually located just below the part of the page where the photos already in the gallery are displayed.
  3. Your e-mail should be filled in on the form. If it is not, you will need to log in -- if you have already registered on the Post site -- or register. If the e-mail is incorrect or no longer active, you can change it in the submit form.
  4. Press the "Browse" button to select the photo you wish to upload from your computer. Once you select a photo, hit "Open".
  5. Fill in the caption (200 characters or less). You should include basic information about the photo including location, names of those photographed, etc.
  6. Finally, hit "Submit"
  7. Once you hit "Submit" you will be taken to another page, where you can upload more photos to the gallery.

Photos that you upload will appear immediately on your MyPost page, which you can access by clicking on your Washington Post user name, which appears in the top left corner of most pages on the site when you are logged in.

They will appear in the publicly viewable gallery to which they've been submitted once Post producers confirm that the photos meet the terms of the site's Discussion Policy -- so please check after you've uploaded an image.

If you have any questions about user photo galleries or run into problems uploading, please contact us.

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