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Eric Brace's Picks for Jan. 5-11

By Eric Brace
Special to washingtonpost.com
Wednesday, January 5, 2000


    Eric Brace's Picks Design by Kathleen Carr/WPNI
Wednesday night at the Metro Cafe, local band Gadget White will be doing a live video taping, so if you want to get yer ugly mug into a video, now's your chance! Gadget White takes snappy rock songs and makes them even better with judicious use of violin and electric guitar. (Hot Honey Magnet and Lisa Arnold open the show.) Gadget White will also play IOTA on Monday (with Mary Gauthier).

There aren't many names on the list of jazz harmonica players, let alone names in the pantheon of excellent jazz harmonica players (Toots Theilmans is pretty much it). But onto the scene has sprung Frederic Yonnet, a Frenchman with a chromatic harp who has played with lots of big names, performing country, blues and jazz, mostly in Europe. Yonnet is currently stateside and performs his mostly jazzy new material Friday for free at 7 p.m. in the downtown Borders Books & Music.

Clarence Greenwood played a huge part in crafting the much-praised ambient hip-hop sound of Basehead, back when people were paying attention to Basehead and Greenwood was a member. Over the past few years, Greenwood (a k a Citizen Cope) has perfected a style that blends folk, rock and hip-hop in an absolutely unique way. His songs are superb slices of urban life, and they were strong enough to get him signed to Capitol two years ago. But Capitol "reorganized" recently and Cope was out in the cold. This week he says he's about to sign with another major label, which will finally release a stellar album that Cope recorded a year ago. Meanwhile, you should head to the Velvet Lounge on Friday to catch Citizen Cope playing a couple of sets – just him and his acoustic guitar.

Earth to Andy is the strongest new rock band in the area. Featuring members of the funk outfit Egypt, Earth to Andy is a poppier band, with great harmonies and catchy hooks, but propelled along by some mighty, mighty electric guitars. Their new CD is one for the headphones (plenty of cool sonic layers), and the live show ain't too shabby either. Catch them Saturday at the Garage (along with the Excentrics and Jack Potential).

Mary Shaver was the best thing about the P.G. County roots-rock-and-blues band One Thin Dime, a combo she fronted for nearly eight years. This Cheverly gal has gone solo, and with the recently released "No Time Like Now," this dynamic redhead proves herself worthy of a rich, long career. The CD was produced by Nighthawks drummer Pete Ragusa, who also holds down the drum throne in Shaver's band. Shaver and her group (guitarist Keith Grimes and bassist Wade Matthews join Ragusa) have a Tuesday night residency all month at Lewie's in Bethesda, and are well worth checking out.

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