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Organic Fungicides and Herbicides

By Adrian Higgins
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 10, 2001

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FUNGICIDE/HERBICIDE Brands Uses Application Pros/Cons

Copper Soap Fungicide
(Active Ingredient: copper salts)

Liquid Copper 4E, Concern Copper Soap Fungicide General purpose fungicide for edible plants and ornamentals Dust or spray

Broad spectrum, danger of burning plants

Liquid Sulfur (Active Ingredient: elemental sulfur)

Bonide Liquid Sulfur, Safer Garden Fungicide General-purpose fungicide and miticide Mixed with water for spray Like most fungicides, it is most effective when used preventatively, regularly and in conjunction with sound plant placement and watering practices
Bordeaux Mixture
(Active Ingredient: copper, sulfur and lime)
Bonide Copper Bordeaux General purpose fungicide spray or dust Can burn foliage. Repeated use can build up levels of copper in the soil.
Corn Gluten(Active Ingredient: protein byproducts of corn processing) Concern Weed Prevention Plus General purpose lawn weedkiller Not toxic to people or wildlife, but slow acting and expensive. The cost of treating a typical 5,000 square foot lawn is $80 per application.
Vinegar and Lemon Juice(Active Ingredient: strong concentrations of vinegar and lemon, two types of naturally occurring acids) Burn Out, Nature's Glory Weed and Grass Killer Spot weedkiller Ready to use spray bottle Not toxic, but might not kill the roots of certain weeds, which will then resprout.

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