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The Washington Post examines four eras of immigration policy. How did we get to where we are today?

May 10, 2013

As a sweeping immigration overhaul is debated in Congress, The Washington Post takes a look back at 30 years of U.S. immigration policy. From President Reagan to present day, we hear from politicians, policymakers and those whose citizenship hangs in the balance.

(The Washington Post)

May 14, 2013

‘It didn’t work at all’

Twenty-seven years ago the United States implemented a plan that offered amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Hear from one of the architects of the bill and key players as they discuss where it went wrong.

(The Washington Post)

May 15, 2013

‘Do something about the border’

The 1990s saw an influx of illegal immigrants, which created tension among Americans and at the Mexican border. But the Clinton administration’s response fell short in many ways, especially when it came to security.

(The Washington Post)

May 16, 2013

‘How are we going to secure this country?’

September 11, 2001 defined the presidency of George W. Bush and the country’s new immigration policy. From the creation of the Department of Homeland Security to the building of a super-fence, the specter of 9/11 was felt along the border and in the halls of Congress. As border security escalated, President Bush’s attempts at immigration reforms collapsed.

(The Washington Post)

May 17, 2013

‘Why don’t you just make yourself legal’

The future remains uncertain for 11 million people living illegally in the U.S. Though immigration reform seems closer than it has ever been before, can Washington and the Obama administration effectively repair 30 years of broken policies?

(The Washington Post)

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