Bombings and Retaliation
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Resources on the Bombings and U.S. Retaliation

Anti-U.S. Attacks: The State Department's statistics for anti-U.S. attacks by region and casulties by year.

Patterns of Global Terrorism: Annual reports on terrorism from the State Department.

State Deparment Reports on Terrorism: The State Department reference material on counterterrorism actions.

Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania: The State Department's updates on reactions to the bombings and background information.

Terrorist Organizations: A list of foreign terrorist organizations from The State Department.

DefenseLink: News and publications from the Department of Defense.

Bureau of Diplomatic Security: The State Department is offering "up to $2 million" for information leading to the arrest or conviction of those responsible for the embassy bombings.

Interaction Aid Clearinghouse: This coalition of non-profit agencies provides humanitarian assistance worldwide.

Bombing Relief Agencies: A list of relief organizations that help bring aid to people in East Africa.

The Embassy Bombings: Bridging the Gap Between Rhetoric and Action: An analysis from a researcher at the Heritage Foundation.

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