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25 Years Ago:

Court Rules for Newspapers, 6-3; Decision Allows Printing of Stories on Vietnam Study
By John P. MacKenzie
July 1, 1971
The Supreme Court settled a historic confrontation between the government and press by ruling yesterday that The Washington Post and The New York Times are free to publish their stories about the secret Pentagon report on how America went to war in Vietnam.

Communist Leader Sentenced By Military Court
By Jesse W. Lewis, Jr.
July 28, 1971
Khartoum, the Sudan, July 28 -- Sudan's Communist Party leader, Abdel Khalek Mahjoub, was hanged today for allegedly masterminding the short-lived coup that toppled the regime of Sudanese President Gen. Jaafar Nimeri, the official Radio Omdurman announced.

President Agrees to Visit China
By Carroll Kilpatrick
July 16, 1971
San Clemente, Calif., July 15 -- President Nixon announced tonight in a dramatic television broadcast to the nation that he had accepted an invitation from Premier Chou En-lai to visit China sometime before May 1972.

50 Years Ago:

A-Bomb Sinks 2 Ships and Damages 17
By Gerald G. Gross
July 1, 1946
Aboard the USS Appalachian, Bikini, July 1 -- An unearthly brilliance that petrified observers flashed from Bikini Lagoon as the world's fourth atomic bomb was loosed at 5:00 p.m. (Washington time) Sunday.

Rebels Slay President, Seize Power in Bolivia
By United Press
July 22, 1946
La Paz, Bolivia, July 21 -- President Gualberto Villarroel was killed today and his body hung from a lamp post in a public square as a revolutionary regime swept into power in a bloody climax to a week-long revolt by students and workers.

President Pledges Aid To Filipinos
By The Associated Press
July 4, 1946
President Truman pledge last night the United States will assist the new Philippine republic "in every possible way." "Our two countries will be closely bound together for many years to come," he said in a message to the Philippines.

U.S. Favors Unification of Germany
By The Associated Press
July 12, 1946
Paris, July 11 -- Secretary of State James F. Byrnes called tonight for the establishment of a central administration in Germany to give the beaten nation economic unity and declared that the "American Government has never sought to impose a peace of vengeance" upon the Reich.

75 Years Ago:

Routed Turks Ask Allied Mediation
By The Associated Press and the Greek Official News Agency
July 28, 1921

London, July 27 -- Mustapha Kemal Pasha, head of the Turkish nationalist government, has sent a telegram to Constantinople asking that the central government intervene with the allies in an effort to obtain a cessation of Greco-Turk hostilities, according to dispatches from Constantinople to the Exchange Telegraph company.

Truce in Ireland Is Declared; British Troops May Withdraw
By The Associated Press
July 9, 1921
London, July 8 -- A truce has been declared between England and Ireland. It will take effect at noon on Monday next. Preparations are already under way to end the hostilities between the crown forces and those actively engaged in the Irish cause.

Japan Wants Amity
By The Associated Press
July 4, 1921
Baron Shidehava, the Japanese Ambassador, in a formal statement yesterday, discussing the Anglo-Japanese alliance declares that "by no stretch of the imagination can it be honestly stated that the alliance was ever designed or remotely intended as an instrument of hostility or even defense against the United States."

U.S. Aid Sought in Silesia; Paris Ready to Act Alone
Special Cable Dispatch
July 21, 1921
Paris, July 20 -- The Upper Silesian imbroglio today is engrossing French official attention, and it is generally conceded in government circles that unless replies indicating an adhesion to French plans are received very soon from Italy and Great Britain, France will act alone in driving the armed German bands from Silesia and in forcing a definite decision on the Silesia boundary between Poland and Germany .

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