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25 Years Ago:

North Viets Demand Aid End
By Chalmers Roberts
June 8, 1971
The top North Vietnamese representative at the Paris peace talks said today that the prisoner of war issue, properly coupled with a total American withdrawal, could be settled while the Thieu-Ky regime is still in power in Saigon, but he indicated that Hanoi will not agree if the United States intends to continue to arm and support the South Vietnamese.

U.S. Ends Ban on China Trade; Items Are Listed
By Carroll Kilpatrick
June 11, 1971
President Nixon opened another door to the resumption of more normal relations with China yesterday with an order permitting trade in a long list of nonstrategic items.

Japanese to Guard Okinawa
By Selig S. Harrison
June 28, 1971
TOKYO, June 27 -- Japan has formally agreed to take over responsibility for the "immediate defense" of Okinawa following the return of the island under an agreement with the United States, it was disclosed today.

50 Years Ago:

King of Siam Shot Dead; Brother Named as Successor
By The Associated Press
June 10, 1946
BANGKOK, June 10 -- King Ananda Mahidol, 20-year-old ruler of Siam was found dead of a bullet wound yesterday in Barompinan palace, and 12-hours later the Siamese legislature named his Boston-born brother, Prince Phumiphon Aduldet, as the new King.

Gandhi Stops British Plan; Riots Kill 5
By The Associated Press
June 24, 1946
NEW DELHI, June 23 -- Statements by President Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Mohandas K. Gandhi tonight pointed to Congress Party rejection of the British proposed interim government as five persons were killed and 13 injured in political rioting in Madura.

Italy Wracked by Riots Over King's Ouster
By The Associated Press
June 8, 1946
ROME, June 7 -- Violent royalist demonstrations flared in Naples and two other Italian cities today, with 4 killed and 35 wounded in street fighting between police forces and monarchists protesting the overthrow of King Umberto and the House of Savoy.

75 Years Ago:

Turk and Christian Unite Against Jew
By Special Cable to the Washington Post
June, 19, 1921

ROME, June 18 -- After waging fierce wars for centuries against each other for possession of the Holy Land, the Christians and Mohammedans in Palestine have now sealed the bond of friendship and allied themselves against the Jews.

Lloyd George Acts for Irish Peace
By The Associated Press
June 26, 1921
LONDON, June 25 -- Premier Lloyd George has sent a letter to both Eamonn de Valara, the Irish Republican leader, and Sir James Craig, the Ulster premier, declaring the British government to be deeply anxious that King George's appeal for reconciliation in Ireland not be made in vain.

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