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  Iraq Links & Resources

Best Overall Sites | News Media | U.S. Military and Government | Foreign Government United Nations and International Organizations | Non-Governmental Organizations
Usenet Newsgroups | Background on Iraq

Best Overall Sites

  • Fog of War – A retrospective of the 1991 air war over Baghdad, with complete target map, database and photo gallery.
  • Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network Iraq Crisis Site – Complete coverage, with news, background information, a full library of government documents and a search engine.
  • Snap!:News: Iraq Turmoil – The upstart competitor to Yahoo!, with a sometimes broader mix of stories.  Worth a look.
  • Spotlight on Military News – Nouvelles militaires – News links intelligently compiled by the Canadian Forces College.
  • University of Michigan Documents in the News: Iraq and Desert Fox
  • Yahoo! Full Coverage – Iraq – U.S. Conflict – Up-to-the minute news stories, links and photo search engines.
  • News Media

    U.S. News Media Special Reports

  • ABC News: Extended and Continuing Coverage of Iraq – Competitor with MSNBC in terms of original reporting, graphics.
  • CBS Now
  • CNN – Standoff with Iraq – 1998
  • C-SPAN International Programming Iraq Page
  • Lycos Iraq Page – Includes the new fastv video search function.
  • MSNBC Attack on Iraq Front Page – Original reporting, maps and applications from the number one news Web site.
  • New York Times Issue in Depth: Attack on Iraq – Surprisingly thin and sluggishly updated.
  • Online NewsHour Continuing Standoff with Iraq Page
  • RealGuide: Iraq – Live radio and TV links for those in the fast lane.
  • Iraq Special Report
  • Foreign Media Special Reports

  • Arabia.On.Line
  • BBC Special Coverage Crisis in the Gulf
  • IraqNet News Center – Extensive links to international news sites.
  • Jane's Defence Weekly Gulf in Crisis Iraq Special Feature
  • Password Iraq Page
  • UK Press Association StoryFinder – Essential news indexer of U.K. print and television news stories.
  • U.S. Military and Government

  • White House Briefing Room – Latest documents and statements on Iraq.
  • U.S. Department of State – Crisis in Iraq – A fairly moribund site, with links to Secretary of State Albright's statements, press briefings and  statements by U.S. officials.
  • USIA Crisis with Iraq – Suprisingly good coverage of U.S. government statements, including the Washington File.
  • Arms Control, Defense and Security Issues (USIA Israel)
  • Pentagon

  • DefenseLink – Defense Department home page, with access to briefing transcripts, statements, news, photos and a search engine.
  • Desert Fox home page – They had to do it, but did they have to do it so poorly?
  • AirForceLINK - News and background on weapons and units, with search engines and links to the Response to Iraq special site.
  • U.S. Navy home pageSearchable source of news, information on weapons and units, photos, as well as the Navy: In the Arabian Gulf page, with up to date information on deployed aircraft carriers and ships.
  • Military Commands and Units in the Region

  • Operation Northern Watch (Incirlik Airbase, Turkey)
  • U.S. Army Kuwait
  • U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM)
  • U.S. Central Air Forces (CENTAF)
  • USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
  • USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
  • Foreign Government

    British Government

  • Britain, UNSCOM and Iraq Page – Government wide site with transcripts of Prime Minister, MOD and Foreign and Commonwealth Office releases and statements.
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Royal Air Force – Latest information on RAF deployments.
  • U.K. Houses of Parliament "Hansard" Search Engine
  • Iraqi Government

  • Permanent Mission of Iraq to the U.N.
  • United Nations and International Organizations

  • United Nations home page – News, documents, and organization.  The United Nations International Organizations Network Search UNIONS search engine searches across UN agencies and international bodies.
  • U.N. Security Council – With access to full-text Security Council documents such as resolutions, Presidential statements, etc.
  • UN Special Commission (UNSCOM)
  • UN Office of the Iraq Programme ("oil for food")
  • International Atomic Energy Agency World Atom Main Page – Organization responsible for disarming Iraq of its nuclear capability.  Reports are retrievable through the IAEA Architext Querying search engine.
  • Non Governmental Organizations and Private Web sites

  • Mario's Cyberspace Station: Iraq – Cacophonous, slightly weird shrine to Iraq information online, sometimes with some surprises.
  • NYA Cryptonome – A lovingly maintained clean Web site monitoring intelligence documents and issues.
  • Think Tanks and Arms Control Groups

  • Arms Control Association Iraq and UNSCOM Backgrounder
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace UNSCOM-Iraq Page
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Nuclear Control Institute: Saddam and the Bomb
  • Washington Institute for Near East Policy
  • Arab Solidarity and Opposition Groups

  • Iraq Action Coalition – Activist site devoted to the lifting of sanctions, up-to-date with news and links.
  • Iraqi National Congress – The main site of the Iraqi opposition in London, includes news, background on Iraqi government and military and a brief on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction facilities.
  • Iraq Chat News – Serving the Iraqi expatriate community.
  • Iraq Foundation: News
  • U.S. Out of the Gulf! – Committee against U.S. intervention site, with news, editorials, cartoons and links.
  • Voices in the Wilderness
  • Usenet Newsgroups

  • Latest newsgroup postings on Iraq from DejaNews via Lycos
  • alt.desert-storm – Veteran and enthusiast musings and grumblings.
  • soc.culture.iraq – Iraqi society and culture discussion list.
  • – News of Iraq – Up-to-date AFP, AP and UPI wire stories.
  • Background on Iraq

  • CIA World Factbook on Iraq
  • Iraq Country Study – Prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.
  • U.S. Energy Information Administration Iraq Page – Profiles of the oil, natural gas and electrical power industries.
  • Contemporary conflicts: Iraq (Iraq-United States) – From the Canadian Department of National Defense.
  • Iraq Research and Documentation Project – Harvard University's Center for Middle Eastern Studies database about the government, politics and civil society of modern Iraq.
  • Iraq Maps – From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection and the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Desert Storm (1991 Gulf War)

  • Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
  • GulfLINK, Gulf War Illnesses Home Page – The original Internet page devoted to Iraq, still with one of the finest collections of declassified U.S. government documents on Iraq.
  • Frontline: The Gulf War
  • Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses – From the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • National Gulf War Resource Center
  • Operation Desert Storm Debriefing Book

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