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    Turkish Earthquake

    Turkish Govt. Fails Quake Test
    Sunday, August 29, 1999; Page A1
    The Turkish government's failure to respond quickly or effectively to the earthquake has caused frustration and anger among the stricken region's 20 million residents.

    Turkish Quake Sets Off Political Tremors
    Friday, August 27, 1999; Page A19
    A struggle is taking shape in earthquake-ravaged Turkey between the secular government and the country's well-organized Islamic movement over the control of the relief effort.

    Turkey Debates Quake Death Toll
    Thursday, August 26, 1999; Page A22
    Thousands are known to have died in Turkey's calamitous earthquake last week, but precisely how many thousands was suddenly the subject of a baffling debate among government officials and others trying to establish the toll.

    Quake-Hit Towns Need Medical Aid
    Wednesday, August 25, 1999; Page A1
    Turkish officials pleaded Tuesday for medical assistance and more body bags as they confronted growing illness among the tens of thousands left homeless by last week's earthquake.

    Turkey Reacts to Quake With New Energy, Old Notions
    Wednesday, August 25, 1999; Page A1
    Turkey's response to the staggering quake has reminded many people here of Turkey's split personality and of its unique position straddling east and west, First World and Third.

    Fairfax Rescuers Reunited With Their Families
    Wednesday, August 25, 1999; Page A1
    Members of Fairfax County's Urban Search and Rescue Team spent nearly a week searching for survivors of Turkey's merciless earthquake. But it was only on their flight home to Virginia on Tuesday that what they saw and did began to sink in.

    Hunt for Quake Survivors Winds Down
    Tuesday, August 24, 1999; Page A1
    Some foreign rescue teams began pulling out of Turkey on Monday as the government shifted its efforts from searching for survivors of last Tuesday's earthquake to making way for bulldozers to clear the rubble.

    Greece Lends a Hand to a Foe
    Tuesday, August 24, 1999; Page A13
    The work of a Greek search and rescue organization in Turkey and the sympathetic Greek response to last week's earthquake has raised cautious hopes in Turkey that it may lead to improved relations between the long-standing enemies.

    Quake Survivor Was Entombed in Debris
    Monday, August 23, 1999; Page A1
    Entombed in the ruins of his apartment by the massive earthquake that pulverized northwestern Turkey, Yuksel Er lay on his back day and night in a pitch black space no bigger than a coffin, praying. Ninety-seven hours later, his prayers were answered.

    Turkish City Halls Swamped With Pleas for Help
    Monday, August 23, 1999; Page A10
    Residents in dozens of towns and villages who are digging out from the Turkish earthquake are finally beginning to come to grips with the immense task of reconstruction in the wake of a disaster that has taken at least 12,000 lives.

    Turkey Faces the Brutal Necessities
    Sunday, August 22, 1999; Page A1
    Four days after the worst earthquake in Turkey's history, more than 12,000 bodies have been recovered, and the frantic search for the living has given way to the macabre business of disposing of the dead.

    Turks Blame Inadequate Building Codes
    Saturday, August 21, 1999; Page A1
    Turkey, whose residents have enjoyed relatively cheap housing for years, is up in arms about the lack of attention to construction standards that spelled the difference at 3:02 a.m. Tuesday between life and death for many among more than 10,000 dead.

    Rescue Efforts Continue As Death Toll Escalates
    Friday, August 20, 1999; Page A1
    The immense scale of the human toll from a devastating Turkish earthquake became more apparent today, as the official number of dead nearly doubled to exceed 7,000 and the government told the United Nations that tens of thousands of people may still lie beneath collapsed slabs of concrete.

    U.S. Team Pulling Lives From Turkey’s Rubble
    Friday, August 20, 1999; Page A1
    A team of 76 rescue experts from Fairfax, Va., rushed to Turkey overnight Wednesday and went into action Thursday morning with 30 tons of equipment, no sleep and, possibly, something to prove.

    Turks Decry Slow Rescue Effort
    Thursday, August 19, 1999; Page A1
    Survivors of Tuesday's devastating earthquake continued to claw through the debris of hundreds of flattened buildings in a desperate search for people trapped in the rubble, even as the death toll continued to mount. The government's official casualty count rose to more than 4,000 killed and 18,000 injured.

    A Vast Tableau of Death, Destruction and Despair
    Thursday, August 19, 1999; Page A1
    The booming industrial town of Sakarya was transformed overnight into a disaster area by the powerful earthquake that rocked Turkey early Tuesday morning.

    Turkish Population Centers in Ruins; 11,000 Injured
    Wednesday, August 18, 1999; Page A1
    The death toll from a powerful earthquake that shook northwestern Turkey early Tuesday surpassed 2,100, and officials said that figure could climb dramatically as search teams continued to comb through the concrete rubble of scores of apartment buildings.

    In Izmit, 'It Was Like Judgment Day'
    Wednesday, August 18, 1999; Page A15
    Thousands of people were believed to have been buried in their sleep by collapsing buildings in Izmit, the epicenter of the Turkish earthquake. Most of the destruction occurred in low-income areas, where buildings were made of flimsy materials.

    Area Rescue Experts Head for Turkey
    Wednesday, August 18, 1999; Page A13
    Search-and-rescue experts from Fairfax County headed to Turkey as part of a package of U.S. aid for earthquake victims, while President Clinton offered thoughts and prayers to the Turkish people.

    Strong Quake Rocks Turkey
    Tuesday, August 17, 1999; Page A1
    A powerful earthquake shook western Turkey's biggest cities in the early morning, killing more than 160 people and injuring at least 1,000 as homes and buildings collapsed, news reports and government officials said.

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