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Hand History
Key Players - Serge Ravitch
Poker Timeline

Scandal TimelineAn overview of the investigation into the cheating scandals at Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.

Hunting the Cheats

Players Gamble on Honesty, Security

» By Gilbert M. Gaul
Even as Internet gambling grows in popularity and profits, online poker scandals raise fresh questions about freewheeling industry.
David Paredes, 29, a Harvard graduate and lawyer turned hedge fund employee began playing online poker around 2004. "Live poker is much slower," Paredes says, comparing live poker with online play. "I can probably play 30 hands an hour live, whereas if I'm six-tabling online I can probably get somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to 600 hands an hour."
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Video by Travis Fox / washingtonpost.com

One of the most popular forms of online gambling is Texas Hold 'Em, a poker game where the bluff is critical. Here, we walk through the basic rounds of betting in Hold 'Em, where the key is to win the pot by having the best five-card hand at the table - or at least convincing others that you do.  Glossary »  Card Rankings »
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Video by Simon Brubaker, Kat Downs, Liz Langton, Noel Smart, Nelson Hsu and Amanda Zamora / washingtonpost.com

In the fall of 2007, rumors of cheating at high-stakes tournaments were rampant in the world of online gambling. After one particularly conspicuous game, Marco Johnson requested his hand histories from Absolute Poker after losing thousands to a player named Potripper. Fellow poker player Serge Ravitch explains the final hand of that infamous tournament and how it convinced many players of the cheater's insider strategy.   Glossary »  Card Rankings »

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By the Numbers

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Reporter's Notebook
Resisting Temptation
Once upon a time in newspapering, it was trendy to dabble in participatory journalism. Why Gaul thought that wasn't a good idea.
War Within
The Mohawk Connection At first glance, Joe Norton and the Kahnawake might seem like surprising players to control a large share of the $18 billion Internet gambling business.
In partnership with
Poker Face How online poker players ferreted out cheaters.
The Legal Debate

Prohibition vs. Regulation

» By Gilbert M. Gaul
For critics of online gambling, high-profile prosecutions against online betting transactions are welcome crackdowns on a murky and unregulated industry. But to some legal scholars and Internet gambling proponents, the government's efforts highlight a widening disconnect between 21st-century technology and the 20th-century laws used to protect Americans from gambling.
Live Discussion
11 a.m.
Q&A on Internet Gambling Investigative reporter Gilbert M. Gaul and online poker player Serge Ravitch were online to discuss the cheating scandals and the debate over online gambling.
Inside Bet is a joint investigation by The Washington Post and "60 Minutes," which aired Sunday, Nov. 30, on CBS.
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