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The Live Online Message Boards provided by washingtonpost.com are your chance to express your opinions about the news and issues of importance. Rather than just deliver information, washingtonpost.com wants to make it easier for you to form and join virtual "news communities" with readers around the world.

As you visit washingtonpost.com, you will see links in various stories that ask "What's Your Opinion?" Click on those links and you'll be taken to a message board related to that story. From there, you can move easily to other discussions on other topics and to other Live Online Message Boards.

Postings on the message boards can be viewed by all visitors, allowing you to share your views and read those of others. Discussions are organized into separate categories and sections.

The Live Online Message Boards are free, privacy protected bound by rules of discussion, and always open. You can use a nickname to protect your identity. (No one on the boards can see your actual e-mail address or personal information.) Using the boards requires a brief, one-time registration with Prospero Technologies, a leading message board provider acting as washingtonpost.com's partner in offering this service.

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