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Talk: What's Cooking message boards
Food Section

Ask Tom with Post food critic Tom Sietsema airs every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET. Talk to Sietsema about D.C. dining, culinary finds and the up-and-coming restaurant scene.

Join What's Cooking with Kim O'Donnel Tuesdays at noon ET. O'Donnel is your culinary guide to new and delicious ideas in cooking. Log on and share your questions, zany comments, and recipes.

The Grapevine with Post Wine columnist Michael Franz airs every other Wednesday at noon ET. Franz is your guide to wine selection, enjoying the taste and avoiding wine snobbery.

The Washington Post Cooking Class is a monthly feature in the print Food section designed to improve kitchen skills and master new dishes. The following week, The following week, a chef instructor from L'Academie de Cuisine, the Academy of Culinary and Pastry Arts, will be online to answer your questions, trouble-shoot your problems and point you in the right direction.

Food in Style