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  •   Sheinbein's Letter

    Thursday, September 2, 1999; Page B4

    Dear Mom, dad, Nathalie and Robert,

    I'm sorry For everything that you went through -- that I put you through. I love you so much and I hope that everything will be o.k. after I'm gone. Nothing that I can do can express how much you mean to me. I love you in more ways than I can express. I appreciate everything that you guys did for me. I know I will see you all again later down the road. I hope you all Feel that there was no other alternative than what I have done. I really did think through all of my options and this was the only one that was a possibility. I want everybody to get along and love each other. Stay strong. Move out of the U.S. Go to Canada or Israel. Pray to God that we will be together again. Just know that you were the best family that any kid could have. Mom and Dad -- you two did everything right, you really did. You might not think so, but I know that you did everything right. That's no lie. I want to request something of everybody -- that you get in shape, so you can live long and healthy lives. Work out at the gym and plan for the future. Take care of our cat, Tuxedo, and pet her everynight.

    I got myself into this position by going beyond the lengths necessary to protect myself and Aaron. Mom -- please don't curse Aaron -- he saved my life on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 1997. He got the gun away from the assailant, and risked his own life to save mine. It's all just a bad coincidence that things turned out as bad as they did. Nad -- you need to get out of Silver Spring and either come to Israel and work there or go to Toronto. Either way, you'll be better off. That's what I feel Is best for you. Silver Spring is no place to become successful. Your love for animals shows that you are a good person and being a good person will take you a long way in life. Robert -- you did what any good brother would do. Just remember that you guys have been as supportive as you can be For me, and now you just have to support each other. Please move on with your life and start a new one. The world is an unfair place but make the best of it.

    Your Loving Son,
    Samuel David Sheinbein

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