National Airport: A New Terminal Takes Flight


Inside view of the new National Airport Terminal.
Morning light spills through windows near a bank of schedule monitors.
Photo by Robert Reeder/TWP
Answers to Logistical Questions

The Washington Post
Wednesday, July 16, 1997

Q: How do I drop off someone at the airport?

A: Entering the airport from the George Washington Memorial Parkway or Route 1, motorists make their way to a two-level road. Departing passengers can take the five-lane, upper-level road, where they can be dropped off, under cover, near the ticket counters. Pay attention to the overhead signs-they'll tell you what lane you need to be in for the A, B and C gates. Baggage check-in stations will be available curbside.

Q: How do I pick someone up?

A: Arriving passengers can be picked up on the eight-lane, lower-level road near the baggage claim area. The four lanes closest to the terminal will be restricted to taxicabs and other commercial vehicles. Two of the four outer lanes will be reserved for passengers being picked up in private vehicles; the other two outer lanes are for through traffic.

Q: I want to park for a short time to see off a passenger or greet my mother-in-law from Kansas City. Where do I go?

A: Short-term, hourly parking is in the B and C garages near the front; signs will direct you from the road to the entrances. Park in the garages that correspond to the airline: C for US Airways and B for Delta, for example. For the old terminal, nothing changes: The A garage is all daily spaces, with hourly spaces outside in the existing short-term A lot.

Q: How about daily parking?

A: National will now have 5,300 spaces in the garages, about 4,700 of them daily. An additional 1,500 long-term spaces will be in the existing Satellite A lot, south of the airport. The existing Satellite B long-term parking area will be converted to an airport employee lot.

Q: How do I get from the parking garages and lots to the terminal?

A: From the B and C garages across the street from the new terminal, take the enclosed walkways that lead directly into the airport. From the A garage, which serves the old terminal, passengers must walk outside briefly before reaching an underground tunnel that leads to the terminal. Shuttle bus service still will be available from the Satellite A lot to the terminal, and from the A garage.

Q: Do members of Congress, Supreme Court justices and other VIPs still get to park close to the airport?

A: Despite efforts by some lawmakers to remove this perk, about 112 spaces will continue to be set aside for their use under the Metro station, next to the terminal.

Q: I'm renting a car. Where are the companies located?

A: Many are in the A garage, others are outside the airport. Buses will shuttle people between the terminal and the rental counters.

Q: How do I get a taxicab?

A: Cabstands will be on the lower road at each end of the new terminal to pick up arriving passengers. Taxis will be dispatched as they are now, from the 350-space taxi parking garage to a holding area adjacent to the new terminal.

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