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Note: The following advertisement is unedited material supplied by the Beyer campaign.

"Business Man"
60-second ad
Released May 15, 1997

Don Beyer:
"I'll be the first business leader to be governor of Virginia in forty years. I'll also be the first certified auto mechanic ever to be Governor of Virginia."

He's not another lawyer looking for a job in politics.

Don Beyer.

Husband, father, businessman.

He built a family business from the ground up.

It's been rated one of the hundred best service companies in America.

And as Lt. Governor, Don Beyer's common sense has helped keep Virginia strong.

He's fought for smaller class sizes, to give teachers the right to remove disruptive students from the classroom.

Now this businessman is running for Governor to make Virginia's schools the best in the nation.

He's fighting for higher standards, require students to pass reading, writing and math tests before being promoted to junior high.

To protect Virginia's families, a new law to require public notification before a convicted sex offender moves into a neighborhood.

To grow Virginia's economy, new tax cuts for small business.

He'll be the first businessman elected governor in forty years.

Don Beyer --

Business sense.

Common sense.

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