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Note: The following advertisement is unedited material supplied by the Gilmore campaign.

"Not Only"
60-second ad
Released June 18, 1997

As our Attorney General, Jim Gilmore worked with Governor Allen to abolish parole, to move thousands from welfare to work, and to create over two hundred thousands new jobs for Virginians. Governor George Allen:

Governor Allen:
Jim Gilmore will not only be looked upon as Virginia's best Attorney General, he will be an outstanding Governor.

With five point five billion dollars in expected new revenue from Virginia's growing economy, Jim Gilmore will hire four thousand new elementary teachers to reduce class size and abolish the property tax on cars.

Governor Allen:
And Jim Gilmore's idea of reducing the taxes on cars and pickup trucks and vans is a great idea. It is a perfect way to help working families all over the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Jim Gilmore (over applause):
I'm Jim Gilmore. I will cut the car tax. You can count on it.

Jim Gilmore for Governor. He'll keep Virginia moving forward.

Paid for by Gilmore '97.

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