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Washington, D.C. Full Ballot

Polls are open for the general election November 7 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Results from the election will appear on this page and be updated throughout the evening.

Visit the Archives: District Primary Election Results

District Races


Adrian M. Fenty (D), David W. Kranich (R), Chris Otten (STG)

City Council


Vincent C. Gray (D)

Ward 1

Jim Graham* (D)

Ward 3

Mary M. Cheh (D), Theresa Conroy (R)

Ward 5

Miriam Moore (I), Carolyn C. Steptoe (STG), Harry "Tommy" Thomas Jr. (D), Tontalya T. Terceiro Wright (I)

Ward 6

Will Cobb (I), Tommy Wells (D), Antonio "Tony" Williams (R)

At Large

David A. Catania* (I), Antonio "Tony" Dominguez (I), Phil Mendelson* (D), Marcus W. Skelton (R), Ann C. Wilcox (STG)

President, Board of Education

Sunday Abraham, Robert C. Bobb, Carolyn N. Graham, Timothy L. Jenkins, Laurent Ross

Board of Education District 3

Mary Baird-Currie, Stephane Baldi, Marc Borbely, Robert Vinson Brannum, Lisa Raymond

Board of Education District 4

Jimmy Johnson, William Lockridge*, Jacque D. Patterson, Jackie Pinckney-Hackett, Cardell Shelton

Delegate to the U.S. House

Eleanor Holmes Norton* (D)

Shadow U.S. Representative

Mike Panetta (D), Nelson Rimensnyder (R), Keith R. Ware (STG)

Shadow U.S. Senator

Michael D. Brown (D), Joyce Robinson-Paul (STG)

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