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City of Falls Church

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Statewide Races

U.S. Senate (Key Race)

Jim Webb (D), George Allen* (R), Glenda Gail Parker (IG)

U.S. House District 8

James P. Moran (D)*, Thomas O'Donoghue (R), James T. Hurysz (I)

City of Falls Church


Catherine A. Kaye (D), Margaret W. Housen (I)

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Virginia Ballot Questions

Ballot Question One

Shall Article I (the Bill of Rights) of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to state:

"That only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions.

This Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage. Nor shall this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage."?

Ballot Question Two

Shall Section 14 of Article IV of the Constitution of Virginia be amended by deleting the provision that prohibits the incorporation of churches, a provision that was ruled to be unconstitutional and therefore now is obsolete?

Ballot Question Three

Shall Section 6 of Article X of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to authorize legislation to permit localities to provide a partial exemption from real property taxes for real estate with new structures and improvements in conservation, redevelopment, or rehabilitation areas?

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