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U.S. House, Virginia District 8

General Election

Results below are unofficial and may be incomplete. For final results, check state and county board of elections web sites.


James P. Moran

James P. Moran* (D)

Occupation Congressman.
Education BA, economics, College of the Holy Cross; MA, public administration, University of Pittsburgh.
Age: 61 | Residence: Arlington.
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Tom M. O'Donoghue

Tom M. O'Donoghue (R)

Occupation Account executive, LexisNexis.
Education BS, history, U.S. Military Academy; MA, international relations, Boston University; MBA, Yale University; JD, Georgetown University.
Age: 41 | Residence: Alexandria.
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James T. Hurysz

James T. Hurysz (I)

Occupation Quality assurance consultant, self-employed.
Education Some college, University of Rochester.
Age: 59 | Residence: Arlington.
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Note: This list of candidates is not comprehensive. Candidates will be added and removed from this page as the race unfolds.

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