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D.C. Area Elections 2008

Local politics in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Key Races

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Virginia Senate Race

Warner Sets Sights on Economy, Energy Policy

Virginia's senator-elect, Democrat Mark R. Warner, pledged to help jump-start the economy and develop a new national energy policy.(By: Katherine Frey -- The Washington Post)

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Presidential Race

Emanuel to Be Chief of Staff

Barack Obama made the first appointment of his new administration, choosing Rep. Rahm Emanuel to serve as White House chief of staff when he takes office in January.

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Maryland Slots Referendum

Passage of Slots Cheers Racing Industry

For those involved in Maryland racing and breeding, the referendum was considered the final hope to salvage racing industry.

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D.C. Politics

Brown Shares Credit With Famous Father

In two previous campaigns for District office, Michael A. Brown shied away from trading on the name of his famous father, the late Ron Brown. He lost both times. In his campaign this year for an at-large seat on the D.C. Council, he promoted the family connection heavily. He credits that decision with helping him win.

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