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What happens after an investigation ends? Read the latest news about the subjects of past Post series.
Education Mondays
Raw Fisher

Each Monday, Metro columnist Marc Fisher devotes his blog to a discussion of D.C. school issues.
The Full Series
For decades, the District's public schools have resisted scores of reform plans and multiple changes in leadership to remain among the most troubled in the nation. The Post examined why the problems have been so difficult to solve.
More about this series

PART 1: The Overview
Chapter 1: The Breakdown
Chapter 2: Reform's Checkered History
Chapter 3: A Philadelphia Story

PART 2: The Consequences
Whatever Happened to the Class of 2005?
Multimedia: Cardozo Class Photo

PART 3: Stealing Student Funds
Stolen Dreams
Student Fund Paid for Meals, Strip Club Visits
How a 'Fundraiser' Ate Up Nearly $50,000

PART 4: One Teen's Struggle
Chapter 1: Will Jonathan Graduate?
Chapter 2: For Jonathan, It's Fourth and Goal

PART 5: Lessons in Spending
A Reading Program's Powerful Patron
A $2.9 Million Payout, With a Few Shortcuts

PART 6: A Teacher's Test of Faith
Lessons in Reality
Multimedia: Teachers, In Their Own Words

PART 7: Why the Boilers Failed
The Price of Neglect

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Readers Respond: Can D.C. Schools Improve?

Q&A Transcripts

April Witt, Dan Keating, V. Dion Haynes

PART 2: V. Dion Haynes and Aruna Jain

PART 3: April Witt and David S. Fallis

PART 5: Joe Stephens and James V. Grimaldi

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