D.C. Tweeps 2010: The winners

D.C. Tweeps

We’re starting the new year by taking a look at some of your favorite D.C. area Twitter users. Was it cupcakes, tacos or “lobstah” that had you lining up for lunch in 2010? Who was the nightlife insider who made your post-work life a bit more fun? And which tweep WAS the wonkiest of them all? More than 5,000 votes were cast, and now here are the #DCTweeps who topped your Twitter lists in 2010.

We hope you’ve discovered someone (or thing) new with this year’s #DCTweeps. But we’re always looking for new ways to help our readers connect. As we prepare for a new year, we would love to know what your social agenda is for 2011.

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Now, meet your 2010 Top #DCTweeps:

Favorite social media geek: @Chaddukes

Favorite local business: @930Club

Favorite entrepreneur: @Think_Tank

Favorite foodie: @BrunchGirl

Favorite political wonk: @JakeTapper

Favorite D.C. area blogger: @JonahNRO

Favorite nightlife insider: @DCEventJunkie

Favorite government agency: @NASA

Favorite food truck: @curbsidecupcake

Favorite fashionista: @cityshopgirl

Favorite non-profit: @Miriamskitchen

Favorite restaurateur: @ChefSpike

Favorite social butterfly: @KStreetkate

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