The Faces of the Levy Case

Below are some of the individuals whose lives were changed by Levy's disappearance, including her parents, the detectives assigned to the case and alleged suspects.

[Photo of Chandra Levy]

Chandra Levy,

an intern with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons who went missing on May 1, 2001, at the age of 24.

[Photo of Robert Levy]

Robert Levy,

Chandra's father, an oncologist based in Modesto, Calif.

[Photo of Susan Levy]

Susan Levy,

Chandra's mother, an artist.

[Photo of Linda Zamsky]

Linda Zamsky,

Chandra's aunt and confidant from Chesapeake City, Md.

[Photo of Gary Condit]

Gary Condit,

a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the Central Valley of California.

[Photo of Carolyn Condit]

Carolyn Condit,

the congressman's wife since 1967 and mother of their two children, Chad and Cadee.

[Photo of Ralph Durant]

Ralph Durant,

the D.C. police detective from the 2nd District leading the investigation into Chandra's disappearance.

[Photo of Jack Barrett]

Jack Barrett,

the D.C. police commander and chief of detectives who supervised the case.

[Photo of Charles H. Ramsey]

Charles H. Ramsey,

the chief of the D.C. police department during Chandra's disappearance.

[Photo of Terrance W. Gainer]

Terrance W. Gainer,

the executive assistant chief of the D.C. police and Ramsey's top deputy.

[Photo of Brad Garrett]

Brad Garrett,

an FBI agent assigned to the case; his colleagues called him "Dr. Death" because of his successful track record in closing murder cases.

[Photo of Joe Green]

Joe Green,

a detective with the U.S. Park Police.

[Photo of Abbe Lowell]

Abbe Lowell,

Gary Condit's attorney. Lowell had a reputation for representing powerful people.

[Photo of Billy Martin]

Billy Martin,

an attorney hired by the Levy family to monitor the police investigation. Martin was also known for his star-studded client list.

[Photo Not Available]

Barbara Kittay,

an assistant U.S. attorney and a prosecutor on the case.

[Photo Not Available]

Heidi Pasichow,

an assistant U.S. attorney and a supervisor of the case.

[Photo Not Available]

Elisa Poteat,

an assistant U.S. attorney who was later assigned to the case.

[Photo of Ingmar Guandique]

Ingmar Guandique,

an immigrant from El Salvador who crossed the border from Mexico into the United States with the help of a "coyote" in 2000.

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