The Numbers
How Charters Fare
Disadvantaged students in charter schools are outscoring their counterparts in public schools.
Test Results

Scores Show a Better System

» Dan Keating and Theola Labbé-DeBose
In a city struggling to repair its reputation as one of the country's most troubled school districts, the emergence of a thriving charter system has altered the dynamics.

Research a School

Search this interactive map to find District charter schools by location, grade level and academic performance, including reading and math scores.
Fixing D.C.'s Schools
Inside the Hallways of KIPP
Inside the hallways of KIPP's Benning Road campus, teachers use innovative methods to help poor children reach high scores.
Fixing D.C.'s Schools
Learning Gets a New Approach
Charters like D.C. Prep and Howard University Middle are using strategies that have been advocated to help poor children.
Fixing D.C.'s Schools
In Their Own Words
In D.C.'s schools, getting an instructor who can handle the system's challenges comes down to the luck of the draw.
Fixing D.C.'s Schools
Can D.C. Schools Be Fixed?
After decades of reforms, three out of four students fall below math standards.
About This Feature
A 2008 Post review finds that charter schools are outperforming public schools. For a comprehensive look at the District's charter schools search our online resources.
The Charter Board

Public Role, Private Gain

» By David S. Fallis and April Witt
Members of the bodies that regulate charters have taken part in decisions that stood to benefit themselves, their employers and companies with whom they have ties.
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