Sniper's imprint, faded, remains indelible

John Allen Muhammad

The dark odyssey that began with an unfathomable impulse to shoot strangers at random is over for John Allen Muhammad. Read full story » | Audio slideshow: 'Chosen at random'

Trail of victims

Trail of Victims

The people shot by the D.C. snipers during their coast-to-coast crime wave in 2002.

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'It was unfathomable'

Silent no more

Mildred Muhammad

Muhammad's ex-wife says she was verbally and emotionally abused throughout the marriage. Now, she says, time has brought healing, peace and a new memoir.

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John Allen Muhammad, mastermind of the terrifying 2002 Washington area shooting spree, died by lethal injection in Virginia's death chamber Nov. 10. His attorneys had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the execution, saying he was paranoid and delusional during his trial.

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