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It is hard, when you're stuck in traffic on Interstate 270 or Rockville Pike, or somewhere on Wisconsin Avenue, to imagine that Montgomery County was once a rural community.

With steady growth and changes, we know how confusing the place can be, which is why this Guide is produced each year, as something that we hope helps you make sense of this county of nearly 1 million people, its three large cities and its towns. We've also included information about neighboring Frederick County.

What you will find in these pages is a mosaic of governments, events, activities and opportunities for participation and enjoyment. We have tried to include places that might be your favorites or might become your favorites once you know about them.

Our essay takes a look at the history of Montgomery County, offering a glimpse of some of its significant changes since it was formed in 1776.

Of course, there are special features, too: a look at the Washington area's professional sports teams, where to go for theater and places to shop. Food writer Nancy Lewis lists some places where you can go to find good and interesting eats.

The regular features of the Montgomery Extra were suspended this week to make room for the Guide. We hope it is something that you'll use throughout the year.

Next week, the regular features will be back.

Enjoy the Guide. We welcome your comments and suggestions about the Guide. Send them to theguide@washpost.com or call 202-334- 6005.

-- Mae Israel, Editor, Montgomery Extra

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