Shootings at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Victim photo

Preserving the Outpouring of Grief

In the months after the April 16 massacre -- and in a process that continues as the school year begins Monday -- Virginia Tech officials took on the task of preserving for the future what was an immediate outpouring. The Library of Congress crew that offered advice those first few days had worked on a Sept. 11, 2001, collection and knew how to archive grief. The university would have to learn.


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The Timeline


A detailed look at the events that unfolded at Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007.

The Shooter

Cho's behavior alarmed some who knew him. Family "humbled by this darkness."

Reader Reaction

" My thoughts and prayers are with the Virginia Tech community this week. What they have experienced is horrible. This is a week when, regardless of college affiliation, we are all Hokies.

- Doug Steimle (Apr. 20, 7:47 a.m.) | More Comments »

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