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Dean Supporters,
Down But Not Out

Friday, January 23, 2004; 6:51 AM

Fighting strained vocal chords and competition from other Democratic presidential candidates, Howard Dean addressed a few hundred of his supporters at a town hall meeting in Lebanon, N.H., Thursday morning. The former Vermont governor took part in a nationally televised debate later that day.

Fans of Dean in Lebanon and at a debate-watching event at a bar in Manchester, N.H., said he has a good chance of winning the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday, despite his third place finish in the Iowa caucuses and the yell heard around the world.

Interviews with:

Silvia De Montigny, a Dean volunteer from Lebanon, N.H.

Thomas Lockatell, a Dean supporter from Lebanon, N.H.

Richard Crepeau, an undecided voter from Lebanon, N.H.

Ellen Chasse, a Dean organizer from Litchfield, N.H., who attended the Manchester event.

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