States Take Precautions in Wake of Attacks

By The Associated Press

September 11, 2001; 11:08 A.M.

Precautions taken in various U.S. states in the wake of the terrorist attacks:

—VIRGINIA: Navy installations throughout Hampton Roads, home of the world’s largest Navy base, placed under an increased security condition called Threatcon Charlie. Threatcon Charlie is implemented when an incident occurs or when intelligence is received that some form of terrorist action is imminent.

—NEW JERSEY: Airports and river crossings to New York City closed. Traffic reported snarled on the New Jersey Turnpike. PATH commuter trains canceled. At Newark International Airport, officers with shotguns blocked the road leading to Port Authority offices and the air traffic control tower.

—MINNEAPOLIS: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport shut down. IDS Center in downtown Minneapolis, the tallest building in the state, evacuated.

—GEORGIA: All flights at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, the nation’s busiest, stopped. The CNN Center, world headquarters of Cable News Network, closed to the public, although journalists at CNN and The Associated Press allowed to remain.

—MARYLAND: Officials tightening security throughout the state. Extra security measures instituted at Andrews Air Force Base.

—NORTH CAROLINA: Military bases prepared for possible change in status. At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, spokeswoman Mirinda Kossoff said a strategy meeting was planned with the Federal Aviation Administration.

—SOUTH DAKOTA: Commercial flights from Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Pierre and other South Dakota cities grounded.

—PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia International Airport closed. National Park Service officials meeting to determine whether the city’s high-profile tourist attractions like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall would be closed.

—COLORADO: City and state officials stepped up security around government buildings. City opened an emergency preparedness office in the basement of City Hall, where representatives of police, fire and health agencies, public transportation officials, Denver International Airport and utilities were gathering.

—NEW YORK STATE: Security clamped down across New York state. There were plans to increase security at border points. Gov. George Pataki canceled his New York City events.

—CALIFORNIA: State put on high alert. State’s Emergency Council convened as Gov. Gray Davis requested heightened security at all state buildings.

—TENNESSEE: Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons and research complex in Oak Ridge put under heightened security. All flights from Tennessee’s major airports grounded. Planes were allowed to land.

—KENTUCKY: Southern Governors’ Association canceled annual fall meeting so governors of Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia could head back to their states.

—WEST VIRGINIA: Chemical plant security heightened. Flights out of Charleston’s Yeager Airport, West Virginia’s largest, suspended.

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