Case: Crawford v. Marion County Election Board (07-21), Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita (07-25)

Issue: Whether laws that require government-issued photo identifications for voters violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Post Coverage: Justices May Iron Out Compromise On Voter ID

Case: Washington State Grange v. Washington State Republican Party (06-713), State of Washington v. Washington State Republican Party (06-730)

Issue: Does the system unconstitutionally burden the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of association for state political parties?

Post Coverage: State of Washington Defends Its Primaries

Case: N.Y. Board of Elections v. Torres (06-766)

Issue: Is New York's system so weighted in favor of party bosses that it violates the First Amendment rights of voters and candidates?


Case: Medellin v. Texas (06-984)

Issue: Did the president overstep his constitutional powers, or are state courts bound by international treaties ratified by the United States?

Post Coverage: Chief Justice Prolongs Executive Powers Debate


Case: District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290)

Issue: Does Washington, D.C.'s ban on private handgun ownership violate the Second Amendment?

Post Coverage:
Special Report: D.C. Handgun Ban


Case: Baze v. Rees (07-5439)

Issue: Does the lethal injection procedure violate the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment?

Post Coverage: Lethal-Injection Ruling May Have to Wait

Case: Kennedy v. Louisiana (07-343)

Issue: Does the Eighth Amendment prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment allow the death penalty for a child rapist?

Case: Kimbrough v. United States (06-6330)and Gall v. United States (06-7949)

Issue: In trying to set a sentence that is sufficient but not greater than necessary to punish a defendent, may a judge disregard federal sentencing guidelines?

Post Coverage: Court Revisits Sentencing Guidelines

Case: Snyder v. Louisiana (06-10119)

Issue: Did the jury process violate Supreme Court rulings barring the use of race-based peremptory challenges in jury selection and inject racial bias into the proceedings?

Post Coverage: Court Hears La. Jury Bias Case


Case: United States v. Williams (06-694)

Issue: Is the law's prohibition against presenting the material in a way to make another believe something is child pornography, whether it is or not, a violation of the First Amendment?

Post Coverage: High Court Surveys Child Pornography Law's Scope


Case: Boudemiene v. Bush (06-1195), Al Odah v. United States (06-1196)

Issue: Did the MCA validly deprive the courts of jurisdiction to consider habeas corpus claims of Guantanamo detainees, and if so, is the MCA constitutional?

Post Coverage: Justices Appear Divided on Detainees' Rights


Case: Mendelsohn v. Sprint/United Management Company (06-1221)

Issue: May a court exclude "me, too" evidence from parties not in the suit, when alleged discrimination occurred at the hands of officials other than the one involved in the suit?


Case: Bd. of Education of the City of New York v. Tom F. (06-637)

Issue: Does IDEA permit tuition reimbursement where a child has not previously received special education from a public school?


Case: Stoneridge v. Scientific Atlanta (06-43)

Issue: Can third-parties in a class-action securities liabilities suit be sued if they made no public statements to further another company's fraudulent actions?

Post Coverage: Court Declines Enron Investors' Appeal

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