In the Greenhouse: Confronting a Changing Climate

Finding Solutions

Climate Change Debate Hinges On Economics

Energy and climate experts say the world already possesses the technological know-how for trimming greenhouse gas emissions enough to slow the perilous rise in the Earth's temperatures, but because of the enormous cost of addressing global warming, the legislation being considered by Congress will barely make a dent in the problem. Read More | Putting on the Brakes | Interactive Graphic| The Senate Proposals | Discussion Transcript | Podcast (mp3)

Stories From the Series:

Clues to Rising Seas Are Hidden in Polar Ice

Few consequences of global warming pose as severe a threat to human society as sea-level rise. But scientists have yet to figure out how to predict it. And not knowing what to expect, policymakers and others are hamstrung in considering how to try to prevent it or prepare for it. Read More | Graphic: Glacier Disintegration | Graphic: Anticipating a New Coastline | Podcast (mp3)

Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts

As global warming heats the planet, there will be more desperate measures. Changing weather patterns will leave millions of people without dependable supplies of water for drinking, irrigation, and power, a growing stack of studies conclude. Read More | Discussion Transcript | Podcast (mp3) | Graphic: The Future of Droughts

Climate Change Brings Risk of More Extinctions

Around the world, scientists have found that climate change is making profound changes in the ways that animals live, migrate, eat and grow. Some species have benefited from the shift. Others have been left out of sync with their food supply. Read More | Discussion Transcript | Graphic: Animal Struggles | Photos from Blackwater Wildlife Refuge | Podcast (mp3)

At the Poles, Melting Occurring at Alarming Rate

A decade ago, melting at the poles was predicted to play out over 100 years. Instead, it is happening on a scale scientists describe as overnight. Read More | Discussion Transcript | NASA Animation: Melting Arctic Ice Cap| Podcast (mp3)

Facing a Threat to Farming and Food Supply

Climate change may be global in its sweep, but not all of the globe's citizens will share equally in its woes. And nowhere is that truth more evident, or more worrisome, than in its projected effects on agriculture. Read More | Discussion Transcript | Graphic: Predicting Agriculture Production

As Temperatures Rise, Health Could Decline

Researchers are evaluating the health effects of climate change in five categories: heat stress, extreme weather, air polution, waterborne and food-borne disease, and vector-borne disease. Read More | Discussion Transcript | Graphic: Health Risks of Global Warming | Podcast (mp3)

Everyday Gadgets Can Save Energy As Well As Time

In homes and offices everywhere, the power drained by idle electronics can add up to substantial waste. New technology cuts the energy use of idling devices and increases the efficiency of those in use. Read More | Discussion Transcript | Graphic: Energy Consumption

Corals May Get Help Adapting to Warmer Waters

No one doubts that human-induced climate change has been killing corals across the globe. The question is whether humans can help save them before the devastation is complete.
Read More | Interactive Graphic: Sea Changes

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