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America at War: Audio and Video Archive

Tower Two Collapse
Sept. 11, 2001
World Trade Center Tower Two collapses.

Attack Day Video:
First Attack on World Trade Center
Second Attack on World Trade Center
Pentagon Attacked
Tower Two Collapses
Tower One Collapses
Flash: Fall of the Twin Towers
Bush's National Address
Epilogue: 10 Days in September

Audio/ Video Features
Sampling of McNally Photo Exhibit: 'Faces of Ground Zero' (2/20/02)
Audio Report: Scene at Lindh Arraignment (2/15/02)
Audio: Lindh Denied Bail (2/6/02)
Hart Senate Building Reopens (1/22/02)
High Security, Long Lines at BWI (1/18/02)
USS Enterprise Returns to Norfolk, Va. (11/10/01)
Navy Squadron Returns: Video | Audio (11/9/01)
Photo Feature: Post Photographer Lucian Perkins in Afghanistan (11/7/01)
Audio: U.S. Troops in Uzbekistan Interviewed (11/2/01)
Anthrax and the Human Body (10/24/01)
D.C. Postal Workers Undergo Anthrax Screening (10/22/01)
Washington Teens on Life After Sept. 11 (10/18/01)
Pentagon Memorial Service | Victims Remembered (10/11/01)
NYU Students Look Back (10/11/01)
Video: Protests in Washington (9/29/01)
Audio: Protests in Washington (9/29/01)
Islam's Peaceful Teachings (9/24/01)
Highlights of Bush's Congressional Address (9/20/01)
New York Remembers (9/16/01)
National Prayer Service (9/14/01)

Post Reporters
Steven Mufson on Bush's Foreign Policy (2/22/02)
Roundtable: Charles Babington and Glenn Kessler on Budget (2/4/02)
Bob Woodward and Dan Balz on 'Ten Days in September' (1/27/02)
Audio: Peter Slevin Interview With Afghan Foreign Minister: Security | U.S. Role | Security, Rebuilding | Aid, Construction (1/26/02)
Steven Gray on Senate Anthrax Scare (1/4/02)
Roundtable: Karen DeYoung and Charles Babington on bin Laden Tape (12/14/01)
Pamela Constable on Convoy Ambush (en Español) (11/20/01)
Managing Editor Steve Coll on Reporting in Afghanistan and Scrutiny of Sept. 11 Victims' Funds (11/9/01)
Executive Editor Len Downie on President Bush's Prime Time Speech (11/9/01)
Roundtable: Charles Babington and Dana Milbank on Bush's Homeland Security Speech (11/9/01)
Audio: Photographer Lucian Perkins in Afghanistan (11/6/01)
James Grimaldi: Afghanistan Left Off State Sponsors of Terrorism List (11/5/01)
Roundtable: Charles Babington and Ceci Connolly on Anthrax (11/2/01)
Shankar Vedantam on Flu Shots and Anthrax (11/1/01)
Roundtable: David Brown and Charles Babington on Anthrax Scare (10/26/01)
Colbert King: Keeping Perspective on Anthrax (10/25/01)
Roundtable: Charles Babington and Rick Weiss Discuss Anthrax (10/19/01)
Rick Weiss on Understanding Anthrax (10/18/01)
Ceci Connolly on Anthrax on Capitol Hill (10/15/01)
Carol Leonnig on Washington Tourism (10/15/01)
Post Roundtable: Charles Babington and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (10/10/01)
Post Roundtable: Charles Babington and Thomas Ricks on Air Strikes (10/9/01)
Roundtable: Charles Babington and Susan Schmidt on Threat of More Terrorism (10/5/01)
Karen DeYoung on Aid for Afghanistan (10/4/01)
The Post's Vernon Loeb on U.S. Intelligence Community (10/3/01)
Spencer Hsu on Reopening of Reagan National Airport (10/3/01)
Audio: Rajiv Chandrasekaran on Afghan Refugee Situation (10/3/01)
Audio: Rajiv Chandrasekaran on Evidence Given to Pakistan (10/3/01)
Audio: Colbert I. King on Peace Protest (10/2/01)
Stephen Barr on Surge in Government Job Applications (10/2/01)
Amy Goldstein on Core Conspiracy Group (10/1/01)
Roundtable: Bob Woodward and Charles Babington on Document in Atta's Luggage (9/28/01)
Peter Baker in Jabal Saraj, Afghanistan (9/27/01)
Roundtable: Ellen Nakashima and Charles Babington on Airport Security (9/27/01)
Neil Irwin on the Drop in Travel and Tourism(9/27/01)
Linda Hales on Building on the World Trade Center Site(9/26/01)
Charles Babington on Nuclear Power Plant Security (9/25/01)
Audio: Colbert I. King on Tolerance (9/25/01)
Charles Babington on Crop Dusters (9/24/01)
Marc Kaufman on Afghanistan (9/24/01)
Bob Woodward on President Bush's Address (9/20/01)
Jacqueline Salmon on Local Fundraising Efforts (9/20/01)
Frank Swoboda on Airline Industry's Future (9/20/01) Thomas E. Ricks on the War on Terrorism (9/18/01)
Colbert I. King on Falwell, Robertson Comments (9/18/01)
Sally Squires on Dealing With Trauma (9/18/01)
Bob Woodward on CIA's Covert War (9/14/01)
Charles Lane on Last Moments of UA Flight 93 (9/12/01)
David Montgomery on Mood in Washington (9/12/01)
Keith Alexander on Airline Industry (9/12/01)

Live Online
Adjusting to America: Afghan Refugee Families (12/20/01)
The Post's Pamela Constable in New Dehli (10/31/01)
Omar Sharif (10/23/01)
Walter Cronkite: Part I | II (9/25/01)
World Trade Center Survivor (9/17/01)
Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. (9/14/01)
James Woolsey (9/13/01)
Kamran Khan (9/13/01)

Empty Airport
Six Views from Ground Zero
Virtual Fly-Over of Ground Zero
Aerial View of World Trade Center Before Attack
Aerial View of World Trade Center After Attack
Aerial View of Pentagon Before Attack
Aerial View of Pentagon After Attack
Washington Square Park

More Audio/Video Features
New Bin Laden Tape Released (04/15/02)
USS Roosevelt, WTC Flag Return(03/26/02)
Terror-Alert System Unveiled(03/12/02)
Ceremony Marks Six-Month Anniversary of Attacks (03/11/02)
Bush Receives WTC Bullhorn (02/26/02)
Lindh Denied Bail: Video | Audio (02/06/02)
State of the Union: Full Address | Excerpts | Democrats' Reaction | Hill Staffers (01/29/02)
Lindh's Court Appearance | Audio Report | Panorama (01/24/02)
Ridge on Homeland Security (01/23/02)
Al Qaeda Video Released (01/17/02)
Powell Visits Afghanistan (01/17/02)
Excerpts: Bin Laden Tape(12/28/01)
Excerpts: Terror Suspect's Mother Defends Son(12/28/01)
Bush Wants bin Laden, 'Dead or Alive'(12/14/01)
Bin Laden Tape Excerpts: On Casualty Estimates | On Hijackers (Tape Transcript)(12/13/01)
Bush Commemorates Sept. 11(12/11/01)
Rumsfeld Honors Pentagon Victims(12/11/01)
CIA Officer Laid to Rest(12/10/01)
Heather Mercer Returns to Vienna, Va., Church(12/04/01)
New York Uses TV Ads to Boost Tourism(11/20/01)
Aid Workers on Rescue: Video | Audio(11/16/01)
First Lady Reflects on Sept. 11(11/08/01)
Chicago Brothers Shape Afghanistan Policy(11/08/01)
Anthrax Victim's 911 Call(11/08/01)
Profile on N.Y. Anthrax Victim(10/31/01)
D.C. Anthrax Treatments Extended(10/24/01)
Anthrax Cited in 2 D.C. Postal Workers' Deaths(10/23/01)
Second D.C. Postal Worker Has Anthrax(10/22/01)
Anthrax at the Capitol: On the Hill | House Closes | Staffers Exposed (10/17/01)
Daschle on Anthrax Letter(10/15/01)
Bush's Prime Time News Conference: Opening Remarks | Reporters' Q&A | Message to Children (10/08/01)
Giuliani at Memorial Service(10/11/01)
Pentagon Memorial Service(10/11/01)
Anti-Terror Chief Sworn In(10/08/01)
U.S. Pilots Recount Experiences in Afghanistan(10/08/01)
World Trade Center Remnants Dismantled(9/26/01)
Prayer Service in Yankee Stadium (9/24/01)
Bush's Full Congressional Address (9/20/01)
USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Ships Out(9/19/01)
Wall Street Reopens(9/17/01)
Memorial at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City(9/17/01)
London Mourns American Losses(9/17/01)
Pentagon Officials Release Footage of Attack(9/15/01)
Local Memorial Service (9/14/01)
Volunteers at Ground Zero(9/14/01)
As Schools Reopen, Students Mourn (9/14/01)
Rescue Workers Describe Pentagon Search(9/14/01)
Washington Struggles for Normalcy (9/13/01)
Commercial Air Traffic Reopened (9/13/01)
Victims Remembered in Maryland (9/13/01)
Humvees Mute Downtown Hum(9/13/01)
Dulles Resumes Flight Departures (9/13/01)
A Day of Searching at Pentagon (9/12/01)
Lining Up to 'Give Life' (9/12/01)
Under a Cloud of Evil (9/12/01)
Volunteers Line Up to Aid Victims (9/12/01)
Airlines Struggle Amid Shutdown (9/12/01)
Scene: Outside Bellevue in Manhattan (9/12/01)

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