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1996 CIA Memo to Sudanese Official

The Washington Post
Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Following is the text of a two-page memorandum, obtained by The Washington Post, handed by CIA operatives to Sudanese Maj. Gen. Elfatih Erwa at a secret meeting at the Hyatt Arlington on March 8, 1996:


1. Provide us with informaton (names, business associations and results of your investigation) on the owners and operators on specific dates noted of the following Sudanese license plates used in cars that surveilled US Embassy officers. Two incidents are described below:

• . . . [From] 1-18 July 1995, a white Toyota pick-up truck, license number "1392," was engaged in a coordinated surveillance operation against an Embassy officer's residence in the al-Riyadh section of Khartoum. The Toyota coordinated the surveillance activities with a static surveillant posted nearby. During the same period, motorcycles without license plates regularly followed this officer from his residence to the Embassy.

• On 26 March 1995, an Embassy officer left the Embassy and while driving north on Hariyah Street was surveilled by two light skinned males with thick beards and no hats driving south on Hiriyah street in a 1993 or 1994 four door Isuzu pick-up truck with plate number "KHA" or "LAM" 792 or 793. [Made a] . . . u-turn and took up a surveillance position approximately 100 meters to the rear of the Embassy officer's car. [Didn't stop until] . . . a demarche to your government protesting this activity

2. Provide us with names, dates of arrival, departure and destination and passport data on mujahedin that Usama Bin Laden has brought into Sudan.

• Since mid-1994 your government has allowed more than 200 of Bin Laden's operatives into Sudan

3. Provide information (names, numbers, photos) on passports/visas used by Egyptian Gama'at al-Islamiyya, Algerian Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad entering and leaving Sudan.

• Provide us . . . Gama'at members Mustafa Hamza, Izzat Abu Yassin and Husayn Ahmad Shahid Ali (AKA Muhammad Sirajl) – the three terrorists implicated in the attack against President Mubarak. (Your government claims that the three have left Sudan. We are convinced that, if true, your government has information that substantiates where they have gone and when.)

4. Bulldoze the Merkhiyat Military Camp located at the geographic coordinates 15-43-30N 32-24-07E, west of Omdurman. In the US demarche to your government in September 1994 it was noted that the US had specific evidence that this camp has been used to train HAMAS and other terrorist elements.

• Provide evidence that this camp has been torn down, such as allowing US officials to inspect the camp

5. Provide a presence list of all official and unofficial Iranians, including the 200 IRGC members publicly identified by senior Iranian officials in Sudan.

6. Reorient the Pan-Arab Islamic Conference away from its present role [as] a forum for meeting of various Islamic extremist groups engaged in terrorism.

© 2001 The Washington Post Company