The Gamble

Part 2

Petraeus's Challenge

However daunting his military mission, Gen. David H. Petraeus faced no less arduous a political challenge.

Discussion Transcript
Author Thomas E. Ricks and Steven Biddle, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, on the Iraq war and President Obama's prospects for ending it.
Part 1: Odierno's Surge
The Gamble (Photo by Charlie Riedel / AP)
The Dissenter Who Changed the War
As the No. 2 commander in Iraq, Gen. Raymond T. Odierno challenged the military establishment, pressing for more troops and a long-term strategy to guide them. Full Story »
Key Documents
'We Are Losing'
2006 Pentagon study detailing the U.S. failure to recognize the nature of the Iraq war. More Documents »
Key Players
An Internal Struggle
Top figures in the U.S. military's internal struggle over the course of the Iraq war.
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