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The Crash of Flight 1420

Read Post coverage of the crash and investigation of American Airlines flight 1420.

Crew Tried to Land Despite Storm Warnings
Wednesday, Decenber 21, 1999; Page A18
Tapes show that the crew of American Airlines Flight 1420 was advised of hazardous weather conditions but never indicated any hesitancy in landing before the plane ran off the runway on June 1, killing 11 people..

Jet's Cockpit Recording Makes No Mention of Spoilers
Wednesday, June 9, 1999; Page A5
The cockpit recording from the American Airlines jet that crashed while landing in a thunderstorm contains no mention by the pilots of setting the spoilers that slow a plane, according to a federal investigator.

Co-Pilot Recalls Different Scenario
Saturday, June 5, 1999; Page A7
The injured co-pilot of an American Airlines jetliner thought he felt the aircraft hydroplane over the rain-slicked runway just before it crashed, killing the pilot and eight passengers according to investigators.

Weather Played Part in Plane Crash
Friday, June 4, 1999; Page A2
Investigators said that two systems designed to slow down a plane during landings may have malfunctioned in the crash of an American Airlines jetliner in Arkansas that killed nine people.

Plane Crashes in Storm, Killing Nine
Thursday, June 3, 1999; Page A1
An American Airlines jetliner landing in fierce wind gusts careered off a rain- and hail-slicked runway here, slammed into a light tower and broke apart in flames, killing eight passengers and the pilot and injuring more than 80 others on board.

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