Abortion Shootings
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  Abortion Worker Shootings

Since 1977, there have been more than 1,700 attacks against abortion providers, according to the National Abortion Federation. Following are recent shooting victims.

Oct. 23
Amherst, N.Y.:Physician Barnett Slepian, 52, was shot and killed in his house. The bullet was fired through the kitchen window.

Oct. 28
New York:A doctor whom police did not identify by name was shot in the shoulder while sitting in his home in northern New York.
Nov. 12
Vancouver:Physician Jack Fainman was shot in the right shoulder by a bullet that came through the back window of his home.
Nov 10
Ancaster, Ontario:Physician Hugh Short was shot while watching television in his home. The bullet was fired through a second-floor window and shattered his elbow.
Dec. 30
Brookline, Mass:Receptionists Lee Ann Nichols, 38, and Shannon Lowney, 25, were killed in a clinic. John C. Salvi III, who opened fire in two clinics and was convicted in the deaths, later committed suicide in his prison cell.

Nov. 8
Vancouver:Physician Garson Romalis was shot in the leg in his home. Romalis was eating breakfast when the bullet was fired through the back window.

July 29
Pensacola, Fla.:Physician John Britton, 69, and volunteer security escort Jim Barrett were shot and killed outside the Ladies Center.

March 10
Pensacola, Fla.:Physician David Gunn was shot in the back and killed outside a clinic in Pensacola.

Aug. 19
Wichita, Kan.:Physician George Tiller, 52, was shot once in each arm outside the Women's Health Care Services.

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