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    The Many Faces of Andrew Cunanan Andrew Cunanan modeled himself after Richard Gere's character in the film "American Gigolo."

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    FBI: Cunanan Had a Stomach Wound

    Five victims
    Cunanan may have killed five men; they seem to share only tragic fates. (AP)
    Wednesday, August 6, 1997; 10:35 a.m. EDT

    MIAMI (AP) -- Before he killed himself, Andrew Cunanan was nursing a abdominal wound possibly inflicted during one of the five murders authorities believe he committed, the FBI said today.

    Bloody bandages, cotton swabs, gauze pads and penicillin pills were among the items found on the houseboat in Miami Beach where Cunanan ended his life with a gunshot to the head on July 23.

    ``I believe he did have a wound on his stomach, and he was treating himself with the medical supplies found on board,'' Anne Figueiras, spokeswoman for the Miami office of the FBI, said today. She said she did not know when, where or how Cunanan suffered the injury.

    The wound, near Cunanan's navel, appeared to have troubled him for a while, possibly before he allegedly killed Gianni Versace on July 15, the Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale reported today, quoting sources.

    ``We think he suffered it at one of the murder scenes,'' said the source. ``It might have been before Versace.''

    Besides the slaying of Versace in Miami Beach, Cunanan, 27, was the prime suspect in the murders of four men in Minnesota, Illinois and New Jersey in late April and early May.

    Chicago police said Tuesday that they finally had found a fingerprint match between Cunanan and the May killing of one of the men, real estate developer Lee Miglin. Miglin, 72, was found dead May 4 in the garage next to his townhouse. He had been stabbed repeatedly.

    Police said Cunanan stole Miglin's Lexus, several thousand dollars worth of the developer's clothing and a gold coin. Cunanan left a thumb print when he pawned the coin July 7 in Miami Beach during the nationwide manhunt for him.

    A list of items found on the houseboat after Cunanan killed himself was released Tuesday by the U.S. attorney's office in Miami.

    Among the items were business cards, photographs, a prepaid long distance phone card, video tapes, clothing and a white bag containing an unknown white powder.

    Miami Beach police, who are in charge of the investigations of Versace's slaying and Cunanan's suicide, did not return a phone call seeking comment on the list.

    Ms. Figueiras confirmed that one of two handguns found on the houseboat belonged to caretaker Fernando Carreira, who stumbled on the suspected serial killer and apparently prompted him to kill himself.

    ``I think it was there already, left aboard from a previous visit,'' she said.

    The other gun, stolen from an earlier victim, was used by Cunanan to kill himself.

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