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Wednesday, October 27, 1999
Historic Black N.C. Town Faces Stormy Forecast
The residents of Princeville are struggling with whether to accept a government buyout after the town was almost destroyed by the floodwaters of Hurricane Irene.

Sunday, October 24, 1999
Floods Force North Carolina to Reassess Growth Policies
The ruinous 1999 hurricane season is forcing North Carolina officials to reevaluate the tremendous coastal growth and agricultural development in eastern North Carolina over the past decade.

Saturday, October 16, 1999
Hurricane Irene Pummels Much of Florida
With 85-mph winds Hurricane Irene barreled ashore Friday, leaving many Floridians struggling with blustery winds, heavy downpours, travel headaches and the threat of flash-flooding.

Sunday, October 3, 1999
Flood Tests a Historic Town
The town of Princeville, N.C., settled by freed slaves in 1865, faces a new struggle for survival after Hurricane Floyd.

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1999
Floyd Leaves a Toxic Legacy
As the rivers swollen by Hurricane Floyd have slowly started receding, a new danger awaits eastern North Carolina: a public and environmental health hazard that could last for months.
A North Carolina Town’s Divided Waters

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1999
N.C. Floods Keep Thousands Homeless
Flood waters of historic proportions crested in eastern North Carolina, keeping thousands from their homes, drowning hundreds of thousands of farm animals and cutting a huge swath of human misery that may last for weeks or even months.
Floyd Delivers a Windfall For Some

Monday, Sept. 20, 1999
From Md. to N.C., 250,000 Still Without Power
A quarter-million customers remained without power Sunday, four days after Hurricane Floyd swept through, and the Virginia-North Carolina border braced for rising rivers already far above recorded levels.
In Southeast Virginia, Water Is 10 Feet Deep

Sunday, Sept. 19, 1999
Floyd's N.C. Floods Strand Hundreds
Two days after Hurricane Floyd rattled the Mid-Atlantic region, Virginia Power reported 51,000 customers without electricity. In Maryland, more than 149,000 residents were without power.

Saturday, Sept. 18, 1999
The Many Faces of Floyd
As Hurricane Floyd moved into Canada on Friday with lashing rains and strong winds, communities along the Atlantic coast continued to suffer severe flooding and power outages.
Some Floyd Outages Could Last Days
Winds Uproot Seaboard Species
Storm Drowns Maryland Chickens
Tragedy on a Flooded Road

Friday, Sept. 17, 1999
Hurricane Was a Moving Experience
If for nothing else, Hurricane Floyd may be remembered for this benchmark: the historic number of people it sent packing.
North Carolina: No Barrier to Floyd
Floyd Delivers Glancing Blow to Metro Area
Storm Brings Scares, Surprises

Thursday, Sept. 16, 1999
As Carolinas Brace, Floyd Pounds Coast
The fury of Hurricane Floyd began to fray across the Carolina coast late Wednesday night, but the once-ferocious storm's eyewall continued its march toward land, still packing 115 mph winds.
In Land Altered by Storm, Gas Is Key
Floyd: Offspring of La Nina
Pets and Owners Find Shelter From Storm
Region Readies for a Dousing From Floyd
Essay: Washington Prepares to Panic

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1999
Floyd Prompts Huge Flight From Coast
Fear spread up the southeast coast Tuesday as Hurricane Floyd, one of the most dangerous storms of the century, pounded the Bahamas and roared toward the Florida shore and beyond.
Space Program Assets Threatened by Storm Va. on Alert; Floyd Disrupts Trains
Only a Few Stay Behind for Floyd

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 1999
Florida, Carolinas May Be in Floyd's Path
Hurricane Floyd, a monster storm drawing comparisons to the devastating hurricanes Hugo and Andrew, bore down on the Bahamas and the southeast coast of the United States with 155 mph winds approaching catastrophic strength.

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