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Clinton's Hope for Next Century
The first day of the second Clinton administration, a historic day of patriotism and apple pie, began with the president delivering an address that emphasized his desire for harmony and a spot in the history books. One correspondent described it as a "best-behavior inauguration" -- a day when cynicism retreated in D.C.

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Gall at the Ball? Imagine That!

    The parties are over, and the Clintons have shuffled through their last dance at a record 14 inaugural balls. Our reporters on the scene called it as they experienced it, and report that an inaugural ball is indeed something you have to experience -- once -- in your lifetime.

Bill Clinton's Second Term

    Four years ago Bill Clinton, heralded as the new kid in town, represented a changing of the guard in the White House. This time around he faces the wary familiarity that marks all second terms. Take a look ahead and back with the print edition's inaugural supplement.

Test Your 21st Century Vision

    How will next-generation technology affect life in the next century? Visit the inaugural Technology Tent with WashingtonPost.com's Leslie Walker. She helps you take a tour from your desktop.

Clintons at Sunday gala
The Clintons dance together
at inaugural ball.
AP Photo

Post photo gallery
of inaugural events.

Clinton at his swearing-in

Clinton, his wife holding a Bible, renews his oath.
James M. Thresher /The Post

Reporter's Notebook
Wonder what happened at the festivities? Roving reporter Karl Vick and his team covered events from ground level. Check his interactive notebook and replies to e-mail questions.